Our core service is the detection and repair of leaking supply and waste piping on potable water reticulation systems using technologically advanced apparatus.

Objectives and benefits

of our service includes

  • To reduce unnecessary water consumption
  • To locate and stop any water loss
  • To limit, reduce or prevent damage to buildings caused by concealed water leaks, often structural
  • To minimize damages caused in the process of searching for or exposing a leak – very often more than what the leak itself causes.
  • To react immediately to urgent requests

When should you call

Pinpoint Leak Detection?

  • You see water damage but no obvious source of a leak
  • Your water account suddenly increases without an increase in usage
  • You see water accumulating without an obvious source.
  • You hear continued water draw off while all terminal fittings are shut
  • Your water meter registers consumption while all terminal fittings are shut

CASE STUDIES: Leak Detection


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