Pinpoint provides a professional service in Water Loss Management Solutions for bulk consumers such as residential estates, manufacturing plants, schools, prisons, municipal networks and multi storey buildings.

Service offering:

Water Demand Management 

  • Distribution network monitoring to identify water loss immediately
  • Detection and location of non-revenue generating or un-metered water consumption
  • Verification of municipal metering and billing
  • Early warning notifications of water loss
  • Water flow logging
  • Water pressure logging
  • Point of loss location
  • Water meter installations

Permanently Installed Leak Detection and Shut-off Systems

  • Shuts off water once a leak is detected
  • Immediate remote access to historical and current consumption
  • No water wastage resulting from leaks or faulty reticulation
  • Minimizes water damages to property from burst pipes and geysers
  • Provides total control over water consumption and monitoring
  • Wetness sensor with automatic shut-off

For the commercial property owner or manager, struggling with ongoing high water bills and unaccounted water losses, our service eliminates loss and ensures that you recover accurate water costs from your commercial property or tenants.

Residential water loss management and data logging.

Monitoring of daily consumption with alarm notification set for surplus usage over 40m³.

Early leak detection notification and monitoring of MNF (minimum night flow) from flow logging result.


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