Digital acoustic listening device for all situations. Highly portable with a practical one-button design. Comes with a listening stick and a ground microphone. Pinpoint leaks under concrete slabs, soft ground, and walls. Displays the last eight readings to show if the operator is moving away or towards the leak.


Digital acoustic listening device for plastic pipes. The specially developed unique feature “Frequency Shifting” lets you hear more. It lifts otherwise inaudible low-frequency noise that is common for leaks in plastic pipes or large diameter pipes to a higher, readily audible frequency band. Particularly sturdy for heavy outdoor use.


Acoustic listening device for any leak detection technician. Very light-weight and compact, yet with a pure and clear sound amplification. A versatile kit.


Laptop-based leak noise correlator. Ultra-compact and completely cordless. Very easy to use, also for beginners. Modern software interface with highly effective algorithms such as “Auto Filter”.


High-performance correlator especially designed for leak detection on trunk mains, plastic and large diameter pipes. Very easy to use thanks to its dynamic Auto Filter that automatically selects the most relevant sound frequencies. Can detect multiple leaks on the same pipe. The kit includes two hydrophone sensors and antenna stands for very long distances and low-frequency noise situations. Advanced software functions like Spot Filter and Filtered Listening, and higher signal to noise ratio than traditional correlators.


The Smart Leak Locator is an App-based correlator that is also a listening device. Operated on Android tablet or smartphone. Displays both own location, location of sensors, and the leak locations on offline maps via GPS.


Smart multi-point correlator. With three to ten stainless steel correlation sensors. Wireless and extremely sensitive. Easy to use and fully automated filtering. Geolocation of sensors and leaks on offline maps on an Android tablet or smartphone.


Smallest correlating radio logger on the market. Correlating loggers with high pinpointing accuracy for mobile applications. Intuitive and versatile Android software ZONESCAN Smart for use with phones and tablets.


Fixed network leak monitoring system for municipal water distribution networks. Most advanced permanently installed leak detection system with daily automatic correlations. Very accurate leak pinpointing. Full data analysis and visual display with cloud software ZONESCAN Net using Google Maps and Street View. Over 100 systems installed around the world. Several international industry awards.


Permanent trunk main monitoring. Daily automatic correlations and near real-time leak alarms. Precise pinpointing even of small emerging leaks. Increased sensitivity even on plastic pipes using redesigned hydrophones. Long distances between measuring points. Energy independence thanks to solar panels. Upload of data to the ZONESCAN Net cloud.


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