Our core service is the detection and repair of leaking supply and waste piping on potable water reticulation systems using technologically advanced apparatus.

What is Leak Detection?

The term Leak Detection refers to the non-intrusive method where plumbing leaks are found by means of specialized water leak detecting devices.

Water leaks generate an acoustic vibration that we are able to locate by means of a Digital Acoustic Device.

Tracer gas is an inert gas that is introduced into the water or pool pipelines. The presence of any burst or leak will allow the gas to escape from the pipe system and make its way to the surface. The gas is detected by our highly sensitive locating devices indicating the locating of the leak.

Thermal imaging is another great tool to locate water leaks and can assist in locating hot and cold water leaks without any disruption to the water system.

CCTV camera inspections allow the technicians to survey and diagnose hidden pipe systems without having to expose the lines.

Objectives and benefits

of our service includes

  • To reduce unnecessary water consumption
  • To locate and stop any water loss
  • To limit, reduce or prevent damage to buildings caused by concealed water leaks, often structural
  • To minimize damages caused in the process of searching for or exposing a leak – very often more than what the leak itself causes.
  • To react immediately to urgent requests

When should you call

Pinpoint Leak Detection?

  • You see water damage but no obvious source of a leak
  • Your water account suddenly increases without an increase in usage
  • You see water accumulating without an obvious source.
  • You hear continued water draw off while all terminal fittings are shut
  • Your water meter registers consumption while all terminal fittings are shut

CASE STUDIES: Leak Detection


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