Water Intelligence Technology

WINT detects leaks in real-time using artificial intelligence. WINT devices alert maintenance staff and can automatically shut off the water when needed.

WINT uses artificial intelligence and pattern matching to detect water leaks and waste. It continuously learns and adapts to your water network to ensure detection is optimized for your site. And it compares your site’s usage patterns with our pre-established database of water users such as irrigation, lavatories, or specialized equipment.

WINT supports flexible action policies to meet the different needs of specific sites. Various policies can be set for different times such as weekends, working hours and off-hours, peak times, etc.

When WINT detects a leak, it applies artificial intelligence to makes suggestions that identify the source of leaks so staff can quickly fix issues.

WINT integrates with building management systems for unified control across the facility

WINT devices communicate with the cloud over the cellular network. They are fully autonomous and will continue to operate even regardless of communication.

The WINT cloud delivers reports, collects water analytics, and computes various KPIs. Trend analysis lets you analyze water use and consumption patterns over time and locations.

Water-flow diagram of a stuck toilet.

  • High accuracy devices detect the smallest leaks

  • Continuous learning adapts to your unique water network

  • Flexible prevention and alerting policies

  • Remote water shutoff and activation

  • Reports and analytics for water use insights

  • Advanced management portal for full control

  • Secure communication with cellular connectivity

  • AC or battery-powered for flexible deployment

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