H2OnGuard is a permanently installed smart water meter with software enabling property owners, tenants or managers to know precisely per hour what water is being consumed, wasted, lost or even stolen via your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Receive high consumption Alerts via SMS and E-mail.

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Residential Water Loss Management – H2ONGUARD – SMART WATER METER

Water Loss Solutions

Solutions for:
• Residential Estates
• Domestic Properties
• Commercial Properties

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Objectives and benefits

• No SIM card required
• Installed inside your property (Vandalism risk reduced)
• Verify your municipal readings
• Dispute unfair water allocations
• Don’t wait for your municipal bill to find out you have a leak
• React to a burst pipe within 1 hour by clicking our link for repairs
• Set your own daily pre Alert consumption levels
• Web based – view from wherever you are, remotely
• Simple Installation & Configuration
• Short term payback

Swiss made technology partnered with South African ingenuity.