GWFcoder® radio module (LoRaWAN™) – RCM® -LRW10


  • Backwards compatible:
    No meter change required when migrating water and gas meters with GWFcoder® interface into a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
  • Performance driven design:
    Range up to several km
  • Plug & Play:
    Easy and fast on-site installation with auto interface-detection and activation in LoRaWAN (no programming required)
  • LoRa Alliance Certified:
    Interoperable with different LoRaWAN network providers
  • Integrated monitoring of connectivity and reconnecting mechanisms:
    Robust operation with automatic repair options, e.g. with gateway failures
  • Custom-tailored RF Mode:
    Up to 15 years battery lifetime


  • Simple readout of water and gas meters with GWFcoder® registers without necessity to access buildings
  • Migration of installed meters with GWFcoder® registers to a smart metering system via LoRaWAN
  • Energy monitoring, energy reporting and consumption accounting with the GWF MEA cloud solution
  • Integration of water and gas meters with GWFcoder® registers in smart city projects


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